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12 January 2010

Forward facing fragments

… a lot to look forward to this year … … a feeling of excitement and possibility … … one BIG birthday to reach and one massive party to plan … … redesign Pumpkin Soup? Add a bit of spice? Introduce some new ingredients? Just write a bit more frequently? … … chomping at the […]

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27 March 2007

Technical difficulties

As you may have noticed, Pumpkin Soup is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Something is up with the permalinks. Please bear with us as we try to rectify the problem. Scheduled soupy programming will be resumed shortly, we hope… [Update: Normal service is resumed. I know you’re pleased. If you’re interested, it was the .htaccess […]

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15 March 2007

A taste of things to come

I’m so busy right now that all the fun things in my life (like keeping this blog updated) are ending up being somewhat neglected. Aside from making me a bit grumpy (all work and no play…) it also means that I keep having ideas for things to write for you that have yet to see […]

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22 February 2007

Now we are two

Being rather preoccupied (with chocolate, it seems) I completely forgot to mark the occasion of P’Soup’s second birthday a little over a week ago. Pumpkin Soup has reached the terrible twos! So watch out for the tantrums and strops. And I bet you can’t wait for the potty training either, can you?

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29 December 2006


There are some important events in life when you really want to look your very best. School reunions are just such a time – you just know you’re going to see the girl who was your arch rival in class and who ended up going out with the cute boy who sat next to you […]

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23 December 2006

Our gift to you (batteries not included).

Have a look under the tree – there’s something there with your name on. Go on, open it. Rip off the paper and see what it is then. We chose it specially for you… Finally it’s here – the much-vaunted new design. It’s taken a while longer to get off the ground than we had […]

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5 November 2006


So where’s this funky new design? Where’s the riveting, madcap content we all know and love? That Pumpkinsouper, she’s all promise and no delivery! I know, I know – let me explain. Things have been pretty mad around here what with the GBBP (bathroom pretty much finished now, only the downstairs work to go – […]

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22 October 2006

Fraternal wit and wisdom

There’s not been much time spent down at the allotment recently. We were there briefly on Monday, but that was an administrative visit (filling in a form for the Association’s bank account) rather than to do any work. Plus the weather has been rainy to almost biblical proportions. I fear for my garlic. Even were […]

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