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18 October 2006

Sneaky previewettes

Judging by the avalanche of comments from regulars and lurkers alike about the impending Pumpkin Soup version 2.0, it seems that you’re all very fond of the existing design. Don’t panic, folks! Things will be changing, but you’ll still be able to recognize P’Soup. And for those who can’t wait, here are a few details […]

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11 October 2006

Your P’Soup needs you!

Change is in the air here at Pumpkin Soup. My gardening assistant who also doubles as my live-in computer tech guy is working on a new design for me. Woo hoo! Prepare yourselves for a funky new P’Soup sometime soon. It’s not only the look that will be changing. I want to make some other […]

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2 May 2006

Poorly sick

I’m not feeling at all well today and so instead of working I am taking it easy at home. This means that on top of feeling dizzy and nauseous I am also plagued with guilt at missing work as well as worried sick(er) about the extra work that taking a day off will inevitably give […]

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13 February 2006

One year old

Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday Pumpkin Soup! Happy Birthday to us! Yes, indeed. One year ago today Pumpkin Soup was brought blinking, mewling and puking into the virtual world. Hard to believe, isn’t it? As with any infant, growth and development are something of an individual process and it’s taken […]

Filed under: P'Soup rumblings — Clare @ 12:26 pm

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