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17 July 2008

In a pickle

I think I might have mentioned that we have had a bumper garlic harvest. 11.5kg. That’s a whole lot of stinkiness. In fairness, that is the weight of the garlic with all its leaves still attached, but still, it’s fair to say that we have ridiculous amounts of garlic and so it seems reasonable to […]

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3 July 2008

Prepare to drool

If there’s one crop that just screams summer, it must be the glorious strawberry, and this year we’ve been blessed with a bumper crop. We’re an odd household in that I don’t like to eat them with cream (so wrong, if you ask me) and my gardening assitant doesn’t eat them at all. I tend […]

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31 October 2007

Hallowe’en cottage pie

Given that I get so many visitors in the run up to Hallowe’en (my spelling might seem archaic, but that’s how it’s listed in my dictionary and I like that apostrophe, dammit!) you’d perhaps think that I would make something of the day here at P’Soup. But no. In the life of this blog, this […]

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17 August 2007

The biscuit madness continues

Since last week’s biscuits were such a delicious success, I have today once more ventured forth into the kitchen with intent to create cookies. I managed to show a little restraint and only made one variety insted of three, but boy, is it a good one: Scrummy Chocolate Shortbread Swirls from the Green and Black’s […]

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10 August 2007


Having lots of friends round for multiple weekends of rehearsing seems to bring out my motherly side and I get a strong urge to make huge quantities of food. Last weekend I made some gorgeous pepper and tomato soup as well as vats of ice cream (not to eat together, you understand) and yet another […]

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31 July 2007

The gods of baking fart in my face…

This weekend we were visited by friends who have never seen our home in Birmingham. I wanted to do something special for them, but first we had to give the entire house a really good clean and tidy because we knew they would want the grand tour. It took the best part of a day […]

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24 September 2006

Surprisingly good.

You probably thought I was joking about the chocolate courgette loaf, didn’t you? Well, I wasn’t. I’ll admit that I had my doubts as it does seem a pretty disgusting combination, but I went ahead and made it anyway to feed to my friends and parents without having tried it myself first. Some would say […]

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3 September 2006

For goodness’ sakes, do you really have to click that mouse so loudly?

Last night we went to a party. We don’t get out much so this was a bit of an event for us. We went with good friends and met loads of brilliant people and generally had a wonderful time. Especially when after we had left and gone not home, but back to our pals’ house, […]

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