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2 May 2008

This much I know

The prospect of fine weather and a weekend in the garden makes me feel like it might actually be spring.

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24 April 2008

The quick brown fox

We have had heavy showers here today. Led Zep. One minute the sun has been shining and the next the rain has come down so hard it’s been like looking through the bars of a cage. Not good weather for digging. Instead I decided to use the bathroom as a hide and sit with my […]

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23 April 2008

Taking back the garden

I’m not a winter gardener. I’m not even an all-weather gardener, actually. Somehow, over the winter, it’s not just that there’s nothing much going on outdoors, but I retreat from green spaces and forget about nature to some degree. Spring requires me to thaw out and allow my dormant green-ish fingers to wake before I […]

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3 March 2007

Looking wistfully outside

It looks and feels to me as though spring has arrived. The days are brighter, sunnier and warmer and there’s that undeniable twitch in my fingers that tells me I should be outside sowing seed. Unfortunately, life has other ideas for me at the moment and time for getting out into the garden on down […]

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13 May 2006

How to survive a wet spring day

Start the day by having your hair cut so you look like a goddess down the plot. Everyone knows that vegetables grow better when you make an effort with your appearance. Rejoice to find that your bean frame is still standing and your beans are thriving. Don’t let on at how surprised you are about […]

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3 April 2006

This much I know

There are all sorts of reasons why spring is my favourite month – sunshine and rainclouds might just be the most visually stunning.

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2 April 2006

Drip, drip, drop little April showers…

(or, just who exactly is in charge around here anyway?) In a misguided attempt to meet the diverse weather preferences of Owen and I, mother nature today gave us strong winds and heavy showers. This actually pleases neither of us, so more likely it was a way of humbling us (because losing an entire batch […]

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25 March 2006

War of the Roses

(or, the hitherto unrecorded Battle of Warstock Lane) Owen and I have a curious relationship, frowned upon by many northerners. I was brought up in Yorkshire, he in Lancashire. I should, perhaps, mention that neither of us can claim full pedigree of our respective heritages since I was born in Wells and Owen was born […]

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