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10 September 2008

Late summer

Today the sun has shone and there has been no rain (shh, whisper it!). I’m trying to make the most of it as things are going to hot up at work very soon and there will be much less time for gardening or blogging. Or sanity. Trouble is, there’s not a great deal to be […]

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7 September 2008

Sunshine and rain

Readers who are UK residents will know that this summer has been largely wet, rainy and generally washed-out. Every single day recently has been accompanied by the drumming of raindrops on the windows. But every now and then there is a break in the weather, the sun smiles (weakly) and there is an opportunity to […]

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21 August 2008

This much I know

Photography makes this summer look much better than it feels.

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9 August 2008

This much I know

You can’t beat summer. Shame we’re not having more of it.

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3 July 2008

Prepare to drool

If there’s one crop that just screams summer, it must be the glorious strawberry, and this year we’ve been blessed with a bumper crop. We’re an odd household in that I don’t like to eat them with cream (so wrong, if you ask me) and my gardening assitant doesn’t eat them at all. I tend […]

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16 September 2007

This much I know

The end of summer is proving to be far more spectacular than the beginning.

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13 July 2007

Music was my first love

The weekend promises even more rain. This will no doubt make the slugs happy. They certainly have staying power. There can’t be a single plant in the garden that has not been attacked by them in some way or other. By now all local slugs are enormous bloated hulks – the fat cats of the […]

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8 July 2007


Yesterday and today have seen a break in the weather. We took full advantage by lazing in bed half the weekend, only venturing out briefly to cut back the hedge, mow the lawn (until the lawnmower gave up the ghost part way through) and to have a mini-barbecue. When summer is as fleeting as this, […]

Filed under: Harvest,Seasons - summer — Clare @ 6:51 pm

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