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5 September 2008

The scent of hope

I love sweet peas – who doesn’t -but in the past I have felt frustrated that mine have not started to flower until late in the summer. Having read up a little bit I have discovered that it would help if I sowed my seeds from about now so that’s what I have started to […]

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12 February 2008

Easing myself in gently

I promised you news from the potager and so here it is. I’m a woman of my word. (Sometimes.) As I’m working from home all this week (oh the bliss!) I am using some of the time this frees up to do stuff that I want to do. I did about an hour’s decorating today […]

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22 October 2007

The garlic wait is over…

At last! I have been green with envy reading about others planting out their garlic, knowing that mine must surely be about to arrive, and today it finally made it to our doorstep. I spent an hour this afternoon sneakily avoiding work so I could split and plant the cloves. I have planted 88 cloves […]

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10 October 2007

Red red beans

After a day of brain-numbing literature searching I popped outside and sowed a row or two of red epicure broad beans. I was only outside for about 30 minutes tops – less time than it took to walk to the allotment and back – but my mind feels clear and I feel like starting work […]

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20 April 2007

Investing for the future

Yesterday the weather was so glorious that even though I was totally snowed under with work, I allowed myself to have a very leisurely lunch break (more than two hours!) so I could sit outside and get on with more sowing. I’ve obviously been inspired by my insomniac night activities. I now have pots of […]

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17 April 2007

Nessun dorma

(or is it just me?) Last night (aka this morning), after hours of uncomfortably turning and wriggling in bed trying to get to sleep and struggling to ignore the miriad gurgles, wheezes, snorts and whistles of the snore maestro next to me, I threw in the towel and headed downstairs. My head was full of […]

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13 March 2007

I’ll have a pea please, Bob.

Among the lengthy list of vegetables that I have yet to grow successfully, peas are possibly my biggest regret. Surely nothing fits better with the idea of growing your own than the picture of someone smugly picking a few pods, popping them open there and then and snaffling the sweet, ripe peas while they’re fresher […]

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5 March 2007

Broad beans – so many mentions I’ve had to give them their own category

For some time now I’ve been meaning to tell you about our progress in the broad bean department. Back in February we made our first sowings – Red Epicure, Masterpiece Green Longpod and Verdy were lovingly placed into the first double row of what I expect will be a pretty big bed. Since then I […]

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