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7 August 2008

Latest addition to Team Soup

One of the unforseen consequences of vegetable gardening at home is that we now produce far more material for composting than we used to. Our two beehive composters are full and we are, of course, still shelling peas, topping and tailing carrots and ripping up teabags in the kitchen that also need somewhere to rot […]

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6 May 2008

Taking deep breaths

This week is going to be pretty stressful because of various work things that are far too dull to go into here.  Suffice to say that my tummy is in knots.  It’s not pretty. As the weather is so utterly gorgeous I have been combating that stress by enjoying the sunshine and sticking my hands […]

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5 May 2008

Magic beans

If there’s one vegetable plant I can grow it’s climbing french beans. They were the first thing I grew in this garden, in a pot on the patio. When we were struggling with the allotment and overgrown with bindweed we still managed to harvest enormous quantities of french beans. It’s only natural, then, that the […]

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3 May 2008

Uncharacteristic achievement

We forgoed (forwent?) our usual Saturday lie in today and got up early in order to (among other things) take a trip to the garden centre and buy some 8ft bamboo canes. Our car is a Mini, not designed for ridiculously long garden equipment (or, in our experience, anything larger than a tablespoon from Ikea) […]

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28 April 2008

Taking it easy

This weekend saw some gorgeous sunshine with some showers and thunderstorms thrown in for good measure. The sun was plentiful enough to tempt me outside for some pottering around the garden doing a whole host of things that have been scratching at my ankles, begging for attention. The sun was warm enough to make for […]

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23 April 2008

Taking back the garden

I’m not a winter gardener. I’m not even an all-weather gardener, actually. Somehow, over the winter, it’s not just that there’s nothing much going on outdoors, but I retreat from green spaces and forget about nature to some degree. Spring requires me to thaw out and allow my dormant green-ish fingers to wake before I […]

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22 April 2008

Sick o’ more weeds

My recent trips out into the garden have been brief, one-job-per-visit affairs. Sow some seeds. Plant some asparagus. Dig over a bed. Pull up weeds. Pull up weeds again. Notice that weeds are all of the same type as I pull out yet more of the blighters. You get the picture. It turns out that […]

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3 April 2008

Idiot chitting

Ahem. Let me preface this post by saying that I have been rather distracted by work over the last couple of months so my potager concentration has not been what it might have been. Honestly. Plus I feel utterly ashamed and stupid. So be gentle with me, OK? So, I finally got around to planting […]

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