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22 August 2008

Premium courgettes

In spite of being somewhat reticent about producing a crop (my fault, not theirs), these Costa Romanesque courgettes have really been worth the heartache. The fruit are very attractive, ridged and mottled with light green splodges. They have a wonderful crisp texture and stay firm in the fridge for a few days. They are delicious […]

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18 August 2008

Purple reign

Anyone who knows me even slightly can tell you that I adore purple. I love it. Shoes, clothes, trinkets, bathroom – if it’s purple I’ll have it. It’s such a rich, vibrant colour and the associations with chocolate don’t hurt either. Stuck for an idea of what to get me for a gift? Pretty much […]

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15 August 2008

Flushing tomatoes

I’m not much of a tomato grower. (Let’s face it, other than beans and potatoes I’m not much of an anything grower!) I have no greenhouse so I have to rely on hardy varieties that stand a chance of being successful on a sunny-ish, sheltered patio. So far my toms have done pretty well this […]

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10 August 2008


Brassicas. Another vegetable type that we have never had any success with. If you’re wondering how we’ve ever kept going with this planting lark after all our failures, all I can say is that we’re northerners – we’re used to disappointment. But no longer. Encouraged by my pea success and mindful of my crop rotation, […]

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8 August 2008

Learning to pea

This year has been the first where I have successfully grown peas and I could not be more proud. I have tried in the past but not even managed germination. Unless you count the experiment we did in our 3rd year at school where we soaked a dried pea and then germinated it in a […]

Filed under: Veg showcase — Clare @ 1:31 pm

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