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25 August 2009

Nostalgia – part two – wildlife

Returning to my rather lengthy response to Gillian’s question, I have more thoughts about what has drawn me into gardening. As a child I was fascinated by animals. I was desperate to have a pony (or, even better, to be a pony – how fab would that have been?), longed to have a huge collection […]

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10 July 2008

Tiger in the grass

On Tuesday night we treated ourselves to takeaway curry. I had managed to scrape the car not once, but twice (one for each side, lovely!) and as a result I was in no mood for healthy food. While enjoying our Murgh e shorisha we watched this. We saw this series before a few months ago, […]

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24 April 2008

The quick brown fox

We have had heavy showers here today. Led Zep. One minute the sun has been shining and the next the rain has come down so hard it’s been like looking through the bars of a cage. Not good weather for digging. Instead I decided to use the bathroom as a hide and sit with my […]

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25 March 2008

Hoping that rats don’t grow to be this big

I thought that having a rat (possibly) in my compost was a bit worrying, and today I discovered disturbing signs that something had gnawed through my leaf sacks, presumably to find a warm place to rest its weary rodent head. But at least I don’t have anything as big as this to worry about. As […]

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17 February 2008

Fantastic Mr Fox

The weather today has been fabulous though we have been stuck inside with paint brushes glued to our hands finishing (no, really) decorating the front room downstairs. There was a brief hiatus, however, when Owen let the cat out of the bathroom window and spotted this fox merrily foraging for food in the neighbour’s garden. […]

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19 January 2008

Rattus zeitgeistus

The other day I popped out to the garden to do a little tidying up and to check out how things are coming along. The garlic and onions are looking stonkingly good and I can hardly wait for spring to arrive so I can start to fill the beds with other wonderful things. Not everything […]

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2 November 2007

The birds and the beans

Last week I was delighted to see that my broad beans had germinated. When I sowed them I had cleverly protected them against the onslaught of the local mouse and squirrel populations by laying wire mesh over the area. As they started to poke through the soil I lifted the mesh. And now the bastard […]

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12 October 2007

This much I know

He’s rapidly becoming a Friday blog feature.

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