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When Pumpkin Soup was born, you had to scratch around a bit to find folk with similar green-minded blogs. In the last 18 months, there has been something of an explosion of ’em. Some are short-lived and some endure. Here are my favourites.

…but it’s dirty
The antics of the Head Burro, or Burro McBurro, or Mr HB the First, or whatever name he is choosing to go by at the moment. Soakaways, raised beds, green manures and vermicide have never been so hilarious. Do leave a comment when you visit (tell him Clare sent you) and be sure to return to read his pithy reply. He has been known to be a little suggestive at times – never was a blog more aptly named.
Down on the Allotment
The Gnome is another blogger with an enjoyably dry wit. He describes himself as “a hacker, not a grower”, which appeals to me in my amateurishness. A marrow fan, he waxes poetic about things that a lesser allotmenteer would consider prosaic and mundane.
fluffius muppetus
Aside from having the best name for a weblog ever, Fluffy Muppet has to be a regular read thanks to the interesting and useful links that she passes on. Check out her grow dome site but be warned – you might end up feeling very covetous.
Jane Perrone’s blog is a mine of brilliant gardening and plant care tips. She gives such clear, straightforward information that you can’t fail to take better care of your African violets or ensure that your tomato plants are properly supported. She’s written a book, The Allotment Keeper’s Handbook which is sure to become a well-thumbed fixture in my horticultural library.
My Tiny Plot
Gillian’s tiny plot – and her additional teeny tiny plot – are the basis for this clean, simple and gorgeous blog. Her photographs are lovely, she clearly takes great pride in her allotments and she gets good results too. I can’t wait for her to start a teeny weeny yellow polka-dot plot.
Spade work: From plot to plate
And when he says work, he really means work – John Curtin is a serious allotment and vegetable gardener. John’s site is always a delight to read and his potato tasting posts are a real boon.

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