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I’m no Delia, so it was never my intention to put recipes on my site. It soon became clear, however, having chosen Pumpkin Soup for my blog’s name, that the only reason many people were arriving here at all was precisely because that’s what they wanted. I don’t like disappointing people and rootled about in my cookbooks to find something suitable, and a new category appeared in my sidebar.

To this day, the majority of visitors to the site are soup seekers, particularly around Hallowe’en, and even the regular readers have apparently found some of my other recipes quite useful. It’s all a bit surprising and not a little worrying as I’m not exactly the most precise person in the kitchen. Feel free to browse and try any that take your fancy and be sure to leave a comment letting me know how you get on.

Pumpkin and squash soup recipes

Other recipes

And for those of you who would prefer some inspiration from better cooks than me:

This is quite possibly the most mouth-watering Web site I have ever visited. There is a fabulous range of easy-to-follow recipes for gorgeous meals, with incredible photographs that damn near have me licking my monitor. That only usually happens when I download pictures of Daniel Craig. [Owen: It’s Kate Winslet for me!]
Veg Box Diaries
Unsure what to do with the odd combinations of seasonal produce that work their way into your local organic veg box delivery? Let Gastropunk and Maths Chick give you some ideas.
Delia Online
‘Nuff said.

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